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Greetings friends of Justice,

Tracy is a dedicated and determined Mother, who is fighting the unlawful and corrupt court system of Washington state. A system that has, without any due process, taken her child away and given this child over to a family that is advancing both medical tyranny and the LGBTQ agenda on this child. Tracy has been in this legal battle for approximately three years. CPS removed Tracy’s daughter from her through the school system after Tracy reported a teacher to the school’s superintendent for suspicion of pedophilia, which Tracy’s daughter first identified to her mother after the teacher asked the child to perform “hot, sexy child” for him in class. Tracy responded by addressing the school, and in retaliation, the school kidnapped her child. In the past year, Tracy’s discovery has led her down a path of uncovering the sinister agenda of a U.N.-run court system in Washington state and throughout the country aimed at breaking down the family and the necessary social structures of a strong society, and China influenced school programs creating mental health centers of our public schools. Additionally, Tracy has been able to uncover evidence of trafficking children through CPS and the court systems for monetary gain. Tracy’s daughter is now a victim of numerous psychological drugs and indoctrination brought to her through these agendas, which are happening across our United States of America! Please let us help Tracy and her daughter to reunite by our prayers and the funds necessary to address the social agendas being advanced in Washington state and across the nation. Let’s help Tracy turn the tide of destruction intended for our families, children, and our nation. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

Margie B. & Teresa B.